birth doula services

"Alicia was an absolute life-saver. Rather than me trying to frantically remember techniques from our birth class and respond to my wife's needs (especially when she was unable to articulate them), Alicia was able to anticipate them and let me be a source of emotional comfort. Her experience and gentle demeanor absolutely enhanced our birth experience and I would not hesitate to hire her again."


New Papa

Before The Birth

  • FREE 3-hour Spinning Babies® Private Session, in your home, to help with comfort in pregnancy and to prepare for an easier birth!
  • 1-2  Prenatal meetings at your home where we get to know one another, find your most important values and dreams going into childbirth, create a birth preferences plan, practice comfort measures, discuss fears and joys, discuss the postpartum period and ANY thing else that comes up!
  • Assistance in preparing for a planned family-centered surgical birth.
  • 24/7 emotional and physical support from the day of hire…I am your Doula for life.
  • Full access to my prenatal and postnatal resources as well as book lending library
  • On call availability as soon as you sign the contract!

During The Birth

  • Will join you at your home or chosen birth place when called to your side (usually at your home even if you will be birthing elsewhere)
  • Face-to-face support during the duration of your labor and birth
  • Use of non-pharmacological comfort measures and relaxation tools
  • Physical and emotional support for you and your support person or people (if applicable)
  • Facilitator of communication with provider(s) as necessary
  • Photo documentation of your birth including a birth video (unless you request otherwise of course)
  • Immediate postpartum support for one to two hours after birth or until you are fed, comfortable, and/or ready to be alone as a family

After The Birth

  • 1-2 hour postpartum visit where we can process your birth story together, talk about any emotions coming up, and lactation support (if you are choosing to nurse your baby)
  • Special gift for baby(s)
  • Availability of any resources you may need
  • See my postpartum services page if you would like continued care through your early postpartum, you get a big discount!

Total Investment is $1300 ***this includes 3-hour Spinning Babies® Private-In-Your-Home Session!  What if you have already taken the Spinning Babies Parent Class? Ask me for your other options during your free interview! Sliding scales available if needed, please ask.  Birth doula clients receive $10/hr off my usual hourly price for both, my postpartum doula services (days and overnights), and childbirth education.


My Birth Doula Philosophy

First and foremost, I believe in YOU to know what you and your child need to birth in a way that will feel most comfortable, safe and empowering. I work for YOU. I don’t have an attachment to any type of birth whether you choose an unmedicated birth, a birth assisted with an epidural, in the water, on a surgical table or anything in-between. All births require trust in the birthing person and I truly and deeply believe in you to know what you specifically need to make your birth story filled with empowerment, support, encouragement and love. I believe that with education and knowing your values, that any choices made will be made with great confidence and work in your behalf to create a birth story you can own with great joy and even awe regardless of any unexpected turns and twists a birth can take. My role as a birth doula is to nurture your pregnancy, your birth, YOU, your partner (if you have a partner), anyone else invited to your birth, and hold your birthing space so you feel safe, understood and believed in. As your doula I do not take your birth partner’s place (regardless of if this is your life partner, mother, friend etc.) in the role of birth support but enhance this very intimate experience by gently guiding and simply being a calm presence for the both of you to bring your child into your arms and into your family. I cherish and feel so honored and grateful serving families as a birth doula, I can’t think of anything I would rather do than show up for you on your journey.