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Spinning BabiesĀ® Parent Classes

There are several excellent things you can do to prepare for childbirth, The Spinning BabiesĀ® Parent Class is one of them! In our culture we often sit for long hours at work, exercise in ways that cause the pelvic floor to be tight and restricted, relax in ways that can cause misalignment in our muscles and ligaments and even cause twists in our uterus which can create more difficult and long births. Spinning Babies Parent Class teaches you easy and time efficient techniques to practice during pregnancy to help soften, lengthen and balance the many muscles, ligaments and fascia that are playing a major role in your body during pregnancy and birth. The series of easy stretches and body positioning techniques can help bring you more comfort in pregnancy and ease in birth. They can create more space in your body to help your baby navigate through the pelvis and pelvic floor more easily in hopes to help you birth in less time and with less discomfort. You will also learn positions and tools to use during your birth. ***If you work at a job where you sit for long hours, drive in a car often, are experiencing a lot of discomfort in your body during pregnancy, have reason to believe your pelvic floor could be tight (ie: athletes, runners and/or pilates instructors and practitioners) or have had a previous long or difficult birth then this class is highly recommended and could be very helpful for you. Please bring your partner, spouse,  friend, parent or doula that will be helping you with these techniques during your pregnancy and your birth. 

***This class is for expectant parents only, birth professionals that are not the birthing persons primary support person will be referred to the Spinning Babies Doula Workshop.

Contact Alicia to schedule the Spinning Babies, 3-hour, in-your-home session for $200 (this includes printed materials, E-book and Daily Essential video) ***Alicia’s birth doula client’s receive this private class for FREE!


Private Childbirth Education with Alicia

Alicia’s private birth education sessions are tailored to your unique needs both as a family unit and as individuals. Alicia combine’s her extensive knowledge and tools collected from her birth and postpartum doula experience, Lamaze birth educator training, up-to-date evidence-based healthy birth practices, advanced birth-professional education and experience as a prenatal yoga instructor to ensure you are prepared and feel confident moving into your birth and early weeks of parenthood. You will explore your individual fears, dreams and values together in the privacy of your home. You will dive into the physiology of birth together in a fun, gentle and disarming way so you can be present and enjoy this time learning your options and understanding birth. You will practice comfort measures for birth and the later weeks of pregnancy. After spending time together and learning your individual, specific and unique needs you will also be armed with the best resources and practitioners Alicia has found in the twin cities to anchor you in a circle of support during this significant time in your life.

Please email Alicia to set up a consultation by phone so she can start creating an education program for your special birth and family!

Investment: $50/hr for in-your-home education (this price includes time spent creating your specific program) **Birth Doula Client’s receive a $5/hr discount!